PVS-31 Optics Specs

Optical Magnification: 1X

Field of View: 40°
40° in a dual tube is more than sufficient for most applications. *Beware of devices that are advertised as 50° FOV in this price range. These devices are not true 50°, but are 40° devices with a "fish eye" lens fitted that gives you an illusion of a wider FOV, but at the cost of a distorted image.

Diopter adjustment: +5 / -5
Allows the user to compensate for variations in eyesight, making the image appear in focus without the need for corrective eyewear.
Here's a breakdown of what the range means:

  • +5: Can compensate for farsightedness (hyperopia) by adjusting the diopter in the positive direction up to +5 diopters.
  • -5: Can also adjust in the negative direction up to -5 diopters, compensating for nearsightedness (myopia).

Lens aperture: F1.18
The aperture is essentially the opening through which light enters the lens. In this case, F1.18 is a very wide aperture, allowing a large amount of light to enter the lens.

Lens focal length: 22.5mm
The focal length is a measure of how strongly the lens converges or diverges light. It affects the field of view and magnification of the image. A 22.5mm focal length would typically provide a relatively wide field of view, making it suitable for applications where situational awareness is important, such as surveillance or navigation.

Optical Coating: Ultra-broadband multilayer optical penetration film
A specialized coating designed to enhance the performance of the optical system by improving light transmission across a wide range of wavelengths, reducing unwanted reflections, and providing other optical benefits.

Objective Adjustment Range (m): 0.25~∞
The distance range over which the lens can be focused. It indicates the minimum and maximum distances for clear focus, affecting the device's versatility.